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There are so many JAV HD sites out there to choose on internet. They always tend to be either riddled in ads, very poorly designed, difficult to navigate, disorganized, or full of only censored content. Look, we know that censorship laws in Japan are fucking intense, but we also know that there are studios that make uncensored Japanese porn (and individuals who leak uncensored content before the editors ever have the chance to blur out the genitals). So, as far as we are concerned, if you have a site that specializes in Japanese porn and that site contains zero uncensored JAV, then what the fuck are you doing? Besides seriously fucking up, that is.

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Well, lucky for us, a website known as JAVLOGO.com has come along, addressing both of those concerns. The first thing we look for when we visit a new JAVHD site is whether or not they have uncensored content. Before you check out any other sections on the site (or even the home page, really), you find the search bar and type in “uncensored.” Needless to say, you was very pleased to see a fair number of search results on JAVLOGO. JAVLOGO.com is also the first Japanese porn site that you’ve been to that doesn’t just offer JAV. You don’t even have to try hard to find the non-Japanese stuff; it’s right there on the home page, under a section labeled “JAV Porn HD.” When you first saw it, actually, you thought to yourself, ‘oh, you get it, this must be one of those ads that porn sites are always trying to trick you with.’ we thought if we clicked on one of the thumbnails in this section that we would, for sure, be brought to another site, or asked to pay money or something.

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